Leveraging Your Hotel Guest App to Boost Marketing Efforts and Maximize the Revenue Streams

After many months of low occupancy, it’s now critical for hoteliers to maximize the revenue from every reservation by promoting and making special offerings and services easily available for guests. Besides using a guest app for core checkpoints such as check-in, checkout, payment, and mobile keys, it also has the capacity to become your hotel staff’s #1 marketing and sales channel, increasing both sales and guest satisfaction without generating any additional costs. Here’s how your hotel can leverage your guest app for marketing and sales purposes by using in-app notifications, promotions, and a digitalized hotel compendium.

Flexible Launch of Offers and Promotions

Without the help from an external marketing agency, the front desk staff, or in-house marketing can easily launch promotions and offers in the hotel guest app themselves. The guest app gives the hotel the flexibility to try new offers and activities out without having to set aside an extra marketing budget. Maybe there’s been a decrease in the number of spa bookings in the last week or the hotel wants to send time-limited Christmas specials? The guest app lets you see every opportunity in no time without requiring any additional resources or help from a marketing professional.

Offers Matching the Phase of the Stay

With in-app notifications, i.e., notifications sent inside the guest app to its users you can send time-specific offers tailored to meet the specific phase of the guest’s stay. Before the arrival, a notification about available add-ons such as breakfast or late checkout can be communicated to the guest directly at a convenient time. As the offers relate to the guest’s current state of mind, they instinctively also become more 
relevant and interesting= more sales for the hotel.

Hotel Compendium Accessible from Anywhere

Tired of spending time and money on printed materials that expire in no time? With a guest app, you can keep all hotel information in one place AND easily update the content as things change or get out of date. Frequently asked questions such as the WIFI password can be displayed in the forefront of the app, taking the pressure off your staff, and decreasing the number of calls to the front desk. Additional information such as a neighborhood guide or a map of the surroundings can also be incorporated in the app, ultimately enhancing the guest experience.

Always Keeping Guests in the Loop

Sometimes small emergencies occur, or planned maintenance is necessary. By simply informing guests in advance through a friendly reminder and by communicating up-to-date information in the guest app you can avoid it impacting guest satisfaction and hotel reviews. Why not compensate for the inconvenience by offering an extra good deal on spa treatments or a discount in the restaurant in the app that day?

To discover more ways to utilize a hotel guest app for marketing and sales purposes, request your free demo session here and we’ll take you through the steps of a mobile guest journey!

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