Quick guide: How mobile keys work

July 2024

In an era where technology is reshaping every facet of our lives, the hospitality industry is no exception. Among the innovations that have been receiving increased attention the past years is the implementation of mobile keys. These digital keys, accessed via smartphones, offer a combination of convenience and security. But what exactly powers these mobile keys? Follow along this quick guide as we address frequently asked questions about how mobile keys work.

What exactly are mobile keys?

A mobile key is a digital key stored on the guests phone. Similar to a physical key or a key card, mobile keys can give access to hotel rooms, gym, spa or parking facilities. 

How does the mobile key work?

Mobile hotel keys rely on advanced technology, primarily Near Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Through a hotel’s dedicated app, guests receive encrypted digital keys upon online check-in. These keys are individually provided to each guest, ensuring high security throughout their stay. With their smartphones, they approach their room and tap it against a designated reader on the door lock to access the room.

Are mobile keys safe to use?

Yes they are. By being stored on the guest’s password protected phone, the mobile key provides extra security and reduces the risk of loss or theft. If the phone is lost, the hotel can deactivate the key remotely. 

Is it possible to share the mobile key?

Yes, the mobile key is stored on the guest’s phone, eliminating the need to carry a physical key, but it can easily be shared digitally with accompanying guests. 

Do all guests need to use a mobile key? 

No, many hotels still offer a traditional key card for those who prefer that. It’s up to the guest to decide on what kind of key they prefer to use during their stay.

Mobile keys are increasingly becoming a standard feature in hospitality technology. They provide guest convenience, streamline front desk workflows, reduce environmental impact, and, most importantly, enhance the overall guest experience. Want to learn more about mobile keys? Get in touch.

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