Why Hotel Keys in Wallet is a Good Idea

July 2024

The evolution of hotel keys and credential access has seen significant advancements over the years. From traditional keys to electronic key cards, the industry has continuously sought ways to enhance guest convenience and security. Today, the integration of hotel keys into digital wallets on smartphones represents the latest innovation, offering a seamless and efficient guest experience. Let’s delve into why hotel keys in digital wallet is a good idea.

The Modern Mobile Key Experience

While the concept of using a phone as a room key is not new, the guest experience has been evolving. Traditionally, guests needed to physically open up their phone, open an app, locate and activate their digital key, and then present it to a reader every time they needed to gain access. With hotel keys in wallet, this process is significantly simplified. 

By saving the hotel key to the digital wallet, guests only need to undergo the initial setup once. Thereafter, accessing their room or any other area such as elevator, gym, garage or pool, becomes as simple as presenting their phone to the lock. This eliminates the need to repeatedly open an app, providing a frictionless and more efficient experience.

Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

A seamless entry system enhances the overall guest satisfaction. Different types of hotel guests, with different purposes of travel, each have unique needs and ways of interacting with hotel services. By minimizing the steps required to access their rooms and amenities, hotels can meet these diverse preferences more effectively.
Integrating hotel keys into digital wallets allows us to remove unnecessary barriers, making it easier for guests to access their rooms and amenities. This innovation is all about improving the guest experience by leveraging technology”, said Kim Lood, CTO at Zaplox.

Kim Lood, CTO at Zaplox

Operational Efficiency for Hotels

Implementing mobile keys in digital wallets also brings operational benefits. Reducing the need for guests to visit the front desk for
key-related issues decreases manual transactions. This shift allows hotel staff to focus on creating memorable experiences for guests, rather than managing repetitive administration tasks, further enhancing the overall guest satisfaction.
Our goal is to streamline operations so that hotel staff can dedicate more time to interacting with guests and creating those magical moments,” says Kim Lood. “Hotel keys in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet are one step in that direction, enhancing both efficiency and the guest experience.

Taking the First Step

For hotels interested in adopting this innovative technology, the first step is to engage with experts in the field. Companies like Zaplox, which have been a trusted provider of digital guest solutions for many years, can offer valuable insights and guidance.

Learn more about hotel keys in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet here.

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