Tess Mattisson Awarded Best Mobile Guest Innovation CEO 2023 by CEO Monthly

January 29, 2024

Zaplox is thrilled to announce that Tess Mattisson, President & CEO of Zaplox has been named *Best Mobile Guest Innovation CEO 2023* by CEO Monthly. The Female CEO of the Year Awards recognizes outstanding female leaders who break barriers in male-dominated industries, inspiring women globally and promoting diversity and inclusion.

We sat down with Tess to get her thoughts on success, leadership and the art of building thriving teams! 

First of all congratulations Tess! 
-Thank you! This is not my success but the success of my amazing team that works incredibly hard and dedicated! I set the direction for the company, provide my team with the tools they need to succeed in their respective roles and then support them along the way.

You joined Zaplox in March 2022 and the company has since made groundbreaking progress under your leadership! During your time as President & CEO, the turnover has increased by 300%! 
-Zaplox has indeed taken major steps in the business, great examples being the agreements we entered with hotel chains such as Radisson Hotel Group and market leaders in guest technology like Strawberry, but also the introduction of new innovative solutions like room keys in Apple Wallet. We have a strong offering that aligns well with the evolving digital behavior among hotel guests and the hotels’ shift in priorities, and these results are a testament to that.

Would you like to share how your contribution has been instrumental to the success?
-I am passionate about inspiring people to be courageous and take on challenges they didn’t believe they could solve. As a leader, I focus on people’s potential and I encourage and support them to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be. When people are empowered, the business results become amazing!

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