Contactless and Touch-free Traveling – Now a Global Effort

February 16, 2021 | by Zaplox

Recently the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)  hosted a webinar discussing what’s on everyone’s mind right now – how to enable and resume safe travel in the light of Covid-19. Together, a wide range of industry experts partook in the discussion about how to offer a safe and seamless end-to-end traveler experience that is contactless and touchless. And the message was clear; a realization of this requires joint responsibility and that multiple stakeholders in the travel industry take action. A holistic approach is crucial if traveling and hospitality are ever going to recover to what it once was.


“The digital agenda has been accelerated […] now more than ever, consumers are expecting contactless digital solutions” 

Touchless solutions are more or less a basic prerequisite for safe travels, which consequently calls for the adoption of innovative digital technologies at speed. “The digital agenda has been accelerated […] now more than ever, consumers are expecting contactless digital solutions” Gloria Guevara, President and CEO, WTTC says.

Benefits beyond guest safety

The hospitality industry, and hoteliers in particular, have a pivotal role to play in enabling and securing their part in the safe end-to-end traveler experience. Throughout the hotel stay the guests come across multiple different physical touchpoints that easily can be bypassed to reduce risk exposure by deploying contactless and touch-free technical solutions. Besides, the contactless solutions provide additional benefits that go beyond guest safety. Reduced staffing costs, the opportunity to focus on more revenue-generating services and more effective management are just a few of those benefits that hotels can achieve with contactless technology.

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Zaplox is a market innovator of the contact-free mobile guest journey and mobile key services for the global hotel market. The company operates in Europe and North America and offers a turnkey platform for managing the guest’s hotel stay, improving the check-in and check-out process, and distributing mobile keys for the hotel rooms directly to guests’ mobile phones.

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