FETCH and Zaplox Announce Pioneering Partnership

FETCH, the groundbreaking pay and order solution for hospitality venues from POS8, and Zaplox, a market innovator of the mobile guest journey and mobile key services for hotels, resorts, casinos, and vacation homes, have joined forces for an exciting new partnership.

The two companies, who both champion safe and secure transactions between staff and guests, have a common interest in promoting a contactless and mobile experience for customers. With tech-driven covid-prevention measures becoming increasingly popular in our ‘new normal’, both FETCH and Zaplox entered into a non-exclusive mutual referral program to strengthen and support the mobile guest experience.

FETCH’s groundbreaking contactless ordering system reduces interaction to maintain a stress-free visit for both guests and staff. No app or download necessary, FETCH is the first in the world to introduce instant ordering to hospitality powered by App Clips (Apple) and Instant Apps (Android) – simply tap, order and pay.

The F&B sector has faced tremendous setbacks over the last twelve months, but one positive is the acceleration of the use of technology to optimise the customer experience. Undoubtedly, the way of the one-tap, one-swipe generation is becoming the future of service.

Also taking cues from the acceleration of technological developments is Zaplox, a market innovator of contact-free mobile guest services for the global hospitality market. One of Zaplox’s contact-free solutions for the hotel guest is a mobile guest app, naturally custom-branded for the individual hotel, that allows guests to check-in, get their mobile keys, pay and check out –  all without having to queue in the lobby or rely on front desk staff. The mobile app empowers guests to manage the entire hotel process with mobile keys, promotions and payment. With access to up-to-date information about the hotel’s amenities, services, and things-to-do in the area, customers can plan their stay easily with information at their fingertips.

Jason Jefferys, FETCH CEO says ‘Partnering with Zaplox, an innovative tech-first app just like FETCH makes total sense. We both have the same goals, with services built not only for the customer but for the industry at large. The way we dine out, holiday and staycation, will never be the same and not for the worse. Whether it’s consumer or vendor side, FETCH and Zaplox allows you to have all the control and every piece of information in the palm of your hand.’

Even Frydenberg, Zaplox CEO says ‘We are very excited about the potential our new mutual referral program with POS8 can bring. Zaplox and POS8 are both strong advocates of contactless solutions operating in separate but highly complementary areas of the hospitality industry, and both equally driving the technological advancement in hospitality further. With this new close cooperation we are able to better utilize our complementary knowledge and products to support and strengthen the awareness of the mobile guest experience and highlight its benefits to both the guest and the hotels.’

Both FETCH and Zaplox are first-of-its-kind when it comes to utilising the benefits of technology to aid guests’ safety in a seamless, cost-effective manner. With restaurants, casinos and hotels now embracing digitalisation, the demand for contactless mobile solutions has never been greater, and these two brands are on the cutting-edge of this groundbreaking change in hospitality.

Website: https://zaplox.com/ | https://fetchmyorder.com/

Instagram: @FETCHmyorder | @zaplox_solutions


FETCH is an on-premises food and drink order-and-pay application for hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, arenas, festivals, and other venues. It enables venues and hospitality operators to offer an impressive solution to allow guests to be self-serving whenever and wherever they want to. As well as enabling social distancing for staff and customers, the groundbreaking proprietary customer location technology FETCH has developed allows venues to locate customers on-premises.

Zaplox is a market innovator of the contact-free mobile guest journey and mobile key services for the global hospitality market. The company operates in Europe and North America and offers a turnkey platform for managing the guest’s hotel stay, improving the check-in and check-out process, and distributing mobile keys for the hotel rooms directly to guests’ mobile phones. Zaplox solutions allow hotels to add Zaplox functionality to their existing hotel app, or to launch their own mobile app in a cost-effective way. Zaplox was founded in 2010 in Lund, Sweden, and the Zaplox stock is listed on the NASDAQ First North Growth Market.

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