Tess Mattisson: Nominated For Nordic Women in Tech Awards

June 2024 

We are excited to announce that our President & CEO, Tess Mattisson, has been nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Nordic Women in Tech. Their mission is to recognize female role models in the tech industry. We sat down with Tess Mattisson to get her thoughts on the award and why she transitioned into tech.

Why did you transition from hospitality to tech?
I’ve always been passionate about creating exceptional experiences for hotel guests, while ensuring that all initiatives drive the business forward. Digitization became that enabler for me, as not only could I use technology to create a new level of services, but I could also increase operational efficiencies and remove repetitive administrative tasks from the team, ensuring they focus on what they do best – give service. Moving into the world of technology has taught me that true growth and innovation don’t come from having all the solutions, but from building a culture of curiosity and openness to different perspectives. Now, I can leverage the collective expertise of my team, driving us towards greater achievements and pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish together. 

Entrepreneur of the year will be awarded to a main shareholder that has shown great success and growth over the last 36 months. Tell us about some of your achievements?
Since joining Zaplox in 2022, we’ve made significant strides in our business operations. Great examples being the agreement we entered with hotel chains like Radisson Hotel Group and introducing innovative solutions making Strawberry the first hotel outside North America to offer their guests room keys in Apple Wallet. We have also shown great dedication to implementing a strategy that involves not only yes-saying and commitment, but also requires the courage to say no to less profitable business.

What inspires you as a leader?
My biggest source of inspiration comes from resistance, when someone tells me it is impossible. That it can’t be done. I’m simply wired in a way where nothing is impossible if you surround yourself with great people with a common willingness to look outside the standard ways of working, fueled by the desire to succeed.

Last, but not least, Nordic Women in Tech Awards aim to recognize and celebrate diversity. How do you contribute to diversity and inclusion in tech?
I firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but fundamental principles that drive innovation and business growth. In a field historically dominated by men, we understand the importance of creating a culture where everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background, feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. Business growth is all about getting a group of different individuals in the same room, pointing them in the right direction and encouraging them to use their different perspectives to collectively reach our mission. True diversity goes beyond merely ticking boxes — it’s about recognizing and nurturing talent based on potential. And that is all about people. Not technology.

About Nordic Women in Tech Awards
Nordic Women in Tech Awards celebrates and recognizes female role models who have made outstanding contributions to the tech industry. By highlighting their individual and collective achievements, we aim to promote their success and inspire others to follow their footsteps.  The winners will be presented at the annual gala ceremony in Oslo on November 13th.

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