Zaplox Opens Doors for the Hospitality Industry

Zaplox is in an exciting phase where the demand for mobile keys, mobile check-in/out, places Zaplox in the center of the technical development in the hospitality industry. Zaplox partnership with Expedia and make Zaplox mobile keys available to users of the app.

In 2017, Zaplox established a partnership with Expedia and, and in December 2017 during Expedia’s annual partner event in Las Vegas, where about 5,000 hotel managers from around the world participated,  Zaplox introduced mobile keys live by opening a physical hotel door with the presenter’s mobile phone on stage.

“It was a great feeling to see our mobile key solution presented and hear the appealing applause of 5,000 hotel managers,” says Magnus Friberg, CEO of Zaplox. “Initially, it’s the app with about 25 million active users, our solution is integrated with but in our partnership with Expedia and, we offer technical solutions to all hotels linked to and to those users who use app. Currently, we are in a test phase with a selected number of hotels to ensure that the guest experience is optimal before continuing with more hotels.”

The development in the hotel and travel industry points in the same direction as has already been done in the aviation industry. We travel much more, and we want to use our smartphone when we travel.

Magnus Friberg, CEO of Zaplox continues: “The global travel industry is currently undergoing a major technology change. 50% of all trips today are checked in via the mobile phone. When traveling, our mobile phone is usually what we use when handling travel documents so booking a hotel room, check-in, and using a mobile key to open the door of your hotel room is a logical step, therefore, the development that is happening now is more than expected. There are very few hotels that believe that physical keys will remain in the future and hotels worldwide contact us daily with requests.”

Zaplox mobile key platform frees time for the traveler and the hotel, at the same time as it provides opportunities for hotels to offer personalized service and value creation services throughout the whole guest trip.

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