Meet Sara Östergaard -100 days in as the new Chief Commercial Officer

June 2024 

Meet Sara Östergaard – Chief Commercial Officer

Hello Sara, congratulations on reaching your first 100 days milestone at Zaplox!
Thank you! I’m really pleased with my first 100 days. It’s hard to sum up such a period in just a few words, but overall, my main focus has been getting to know the amazing team, meeting with customers and partners, and, of course, diving into ongoing sales processes.

What challenges have you faced during this period?
Coming from a strong commercial background, I’m used to complex sales processes. However, it’s always a challenge to familiarize oneself with new processes and to understand advanced technology. Thanks to the team, I’ve adapted quickly and look forward to further developing our customers and how we, as leaders within digital guest solutions, can provide our customers with the technology they need to futureproof their digital guest journeys. 

What’s on top of your agenda?
In a few days, I’ll be heading to Charlotte, USA, to participate as an exhibitor at one of the industry’s biggest events, HITEC. I’m looking forward to meeting customers and partners face to face, and together discuss future opportunities.

Additionally, my top priority is to ensure that we support our customers in their digital transformation. With a great team in place, we are committed to delivering next generation technology so that our customers can offer their guests a seamless experience at all times. Beyond providing our innovative solutions, we will continue to offer hands-on support to make it easy for our customers to leverage our technology. Me and my team look forward to working hand in hand with our customers to help them stay at the forefront of digital guest experiences. 

Looking into the future, what are you most excited about for the year ahead?
At this 100-day mark, I feel like I’ve settled in, and I look forward to continuing to develop our relationships with customers and partners, and of course, to welcome new customers to our SaaS-solution. With an amazing team in place, I’m excited to continue growing Zaplox’s position and to keep delivering on our core value — making the complex easy and supporting hoteliers worldwide.

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