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Schani Hotels Reap Benefits of Contact-Free Check-In
After Corona Virus Lockdown Ends

Schani Hotels is a modern family-owned company that runs Hotel Schani Wien (135 rooms) and Hotel Schani Salon (24 rooms), two charming four-star boutique hotels located in the heart of Vienna. Both hotels feature individually furnished rooms combined with modern amenities and innovative use of technology, making them attractive for both tourists and business travelers.

The Solution

Schani Hotels has since the opening of Hotel Schani Wien in 2015 focused on innovation and Zaplox’s mobile guest app has provided the convenience of mobile check-in and mobile keys for more than five years. Recently, Schani Hotels rolled out a new version of the app, making contact-free check-in even faster and easier, and the app has become an essential service during the Corona virus pandemic. Guests can access their room keys even more quickly and send them to travelling companions via text message, WhatsApp or email. They can also update their reservation data at any time and access useful information needed for their trip.

The mobile app enables guests to limit interaction with staff and other hotel guest, skipping the lines at the front desk. After checking in, using the mobile app, guests can go straight to their room and unlock the hotel room door with a mobile key that is accessed through the guest app. The room key can be shared with traveling companions via text message, WhatsApp or email.

The guest app makes it easy for guests to update their reservation data and it also provides access useful information about the hotel, amenities, and things to do in the surroundings. Schani also uses the app to promote special offers.

Zaplox’s app has been fully integrated with the lock system from ASSA ABLOY and Stay N’ Touch PMS, ensuring seamless operation and exchange of information between the systems.

“It is important that we to continuously optimize the user-friendliness of the digital guest journey to ensure a smooth, stress-free stay at our hotels”, says Benedikt Komarek, CEO and owner of Schani Hotels. “Thanks to our pioneering work with using a mobile guest app, we were much better prepared for the re-opening after the Corona lock down.”

A guest journey at Schani Hotels now begins and ends with the guests’ smartphone, but guests can also choose to use one of the tablet-based Zaplox self-check in kiosks in the lobby, which enables them to print their own room key card. This way, guests have a choice and they can select the solution they are most comfortable with.

Schani Hotels has partnered with Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering to develop the hotel of the future and a new study how digitalization can help the crisis-ridden hotel sector. You can download the study here

Guests make the reservation on the website and are prompted to download the guest app to access the reservation. The app can be used for check-in and to unlock the hotel room door.

Benedikt Komarek, CEO & Owner, Schani Hotels

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