Zaplox Kiosk

Welcome guests with a personalized digital experience.

Impress your guests with quick & easy check-in

The self-service kiosk allows guests to skip the lines. A smooth guest arrival with easy check-in and key card encoding. Save time and boosts the guest experience.

Streamlined check-in and checkout with fewer staff members needed.

Select any type of touch based computer that matches the interior of your lobby.

Customize to match your hotel’s brand and colors. 

No queuing. More time to explore your facilities.

Reduce the check-in lines in your lobby. With a kiosk guests start their stay managing their own check-in and keycard encoding.

Benefit from proven integrations

Ready-to-go integrations to PMS, lock systems and payment solutions provides a lower cost and faster deployment of the Zaplox Kiosk.

Customized to match your brand

Zaplox Kiosk is a web-based kiosk solution that can be customized to match your hotel’s brand and needs.


Use colors and images that reflect your brand


Select hardware that looks good in your lobby


Add more kiosks or use in combination with Zaplox mobile apps

Fast Deployment

Ready-to-go integrations to PMS, locks and payment

We support digital guest journeys. Worldwide.

Connecting has never been easier  

Not ready for a demo but want to know more. We are here for you.