“Guests’ Digital Needs Compel Hotels to Reshape the Guest Experience”

HITEC Booth #1235

Guest expectations have accelerated the digital hospitality experience, and Zaplox’s President & CEO having deep roots in both the digital and mobile space is passionate about supporting hotels to exceed guest requirements.

Zaplox’s new President & CEO, Tess Mattisson, a digital changemaker and an accomplished hospitality technology leader, appointed “10 best women leaders in 2020” by Industry-Era, is familiar with the new challenges facing hotel owners; meeting guests’ growing digital expectations while continuing to deliver high-quality services with a leaner staff.

With more than 15 years in the hotel industry, Tess has extensive experience leading digital initiatives in her previous roles with Nordic Choice Hotels and Choice Hotels International. Before joining Zaplox, she was the Head of eCommerce and Digital Customer Development at Scandic Hotels, the largest hotel operator in Scandinavia.

With occupancy levels returning to pre-pandemic levels, there is a big push for digital services in the industry. Hotels are turning to technology to adapt to the guests’ new digital needs but are facing significant challenges. After the downsizing caused by the pandemic, hotels are in recovery mode and struggle to attract young talent while faced with limited financial resources. At the same time, hoteliers are working to maintain their pre-pandemic service levels.

“Hotels now have the choice to act upon the guests’ demand for a digital option such as digital check-in, mobile keys and more. Digital alternatives are no longer cool “add-ons,” offered only by early adopters, but a hygiene factor that guests expect as part of their hotel experience,” says Tess. “Hotels have always tried to shape their services after the guests’ behavior and needs to deliver the best experience, and a digital solution will even further service that goal. But the digital guest journey does not replace the physical interaction; it’s a complement. It’s time to stop seeing it as either-or, it’s both.”

Tess is a veteran industry keynote speaker, HITEC 2022 will be one of her first opportunities as Zaplox’s President & CEO to share her insights as to how hoteliers should tackle the new digital demands and what role Zaplox can play in that process.

“As the new CEO of Zaplox, I am bringing a strong passion for the guest experience, paired with a deep understanding of the hotel business operations. My goal is to build partnerships with hoteliers who want to further improve their guest journey,” continues Tess. “We help them tap into new technology faster and at a significantly lower cost, thus enabling them to increase guest satisfaction and profitability.”


Meet Zaplox and Tess Mattisson at HITEC .

If you are interested in scheduling an interview with Tess Mattisson at HITEC 2022, please contact Pernilla Brodd at +46 739 625767, pernilla.brodd@zaplox.com. Or stop by the Zaplox booth #1235 for a closer look at Zaplox solutions.

Tess Mattisson Biography

***10 best women leaders of 2020*** Awarded changemaker with a track record of leading digital initiatives within organizations seeking business growth.

Tess Mattisson joined as the President & CEO of Zaplox in March of 2022. She is an awarded changemaker with a track record of leading digital initiatives within hospitality organizations seeking business growth. In the last 15 years, Tess held leadership roles in several leading international hotel companies, including Scandic Hotels, Choice Hotels International, and Nordic Choice Hotels. She was a Senior Director of EMEA sales and marketing and later the head of eCommerce and Digital Customer Development. Tess is also a recognized speaker at conferences and executive forums covering leadership, digital business transformation, customer experience, and change management.

About Zaplox

Zaplox is a market innovator of the contact-free mobile guest journey and mobile key services for the global hospitality market. The company operates in Europe and North America and offers a turnkey platform for managing the guest’s hotel stay, improving the check-in and check-out process, and distributing mobile keys directly to guests’ mobile phones. Zaplox solutions save time and costs while providing hotels with a direct channel to communicate with the guests and generate additional revenue. The solutions have been in commercial use since 2011, and the company is listed on the NASDAQ First North Growth Market. www.zaplox.com

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