Mobile guest journey provides smooth, contact-free check-in while improving guest communication.

In 2018, Hotel Lundia launched a mobile app that allows guests to book, check-in/checkout, pay, and unlock the hotel door – directly from their mobile phone. In addition, the app provided a way to communicate with the guests throughout the entire guest journey.

“We were looking for ways to streamline the guest journey and improve the communication with our guests before they arrive at the hotel,” explains Maria Paulsson Rickle, CEO at Hotel Lundia. “By creating a better connection with our guests, we would be able to provide higher-quality, more personalized service, ultimately impacting guest loyalty.”

Via the Zaplox’s app, which has integrations with Oracle OPERA PMS, Hotel Lundia’s booking system, guests can now check-in remotely from their phone and they receive a message when the room is ready. The hotel room doors are equipped with electronic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) locks from SALTO Systems and the doors are unlocked by activating the key code and holding the phone against the lock. At departure, guests can use the app to review the room charges, pay, and check out. The information is automatically updated in the PMS and the digital room key is deactivated.

”After a long travel day with delays and lines at the airport, many guests appreciate being able to go directly to their room instead of waiting in a line to check-in and get a plastic card,” says Maria. “Now guests can use their phones to check-in already at the airport and go straight to their room upon arrival.”

About Hotel Lundia

A more flexible business hotel 

You’ll notice the patient attention to detail from the moment you set foot inside. The flexibility of our staff and the quick check-in. The possibility to enhance your stay through your mobile phone. The handpicked furniture (naturally Scandinavian) as well as the chromecast equipped TV in your room. The complimentary breakfast is compact but handpicked and of top quality. The luxurious Duxiana mattress on the bed that promises a dreamy, good night’s slumber. We’re confident your stay will remain etched in your memory, until you visit us again.

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