Lundia Hotel | Lund, Sweden

Mobile Guest Journey Provides Smooth, Contact-Free Check-In While Improving Guest Communication

The Hotel

Hotel Lundia, founded in 1968, is is a renowned family owned hotel with 97 rooms in Lund in southern Sweden. Today the company is lead by Maria Paulsson and the company also operates Grand Hotel and Hotel Finn in Lund.

From the very beginning, the hotel’s focus has been modern technology and superb service for the business traveler and the management is constantly looking for innovative ideas on how to further develop the different hotel concepts, especially Hotel Lundia.

At Hotel Lundia, comfort and functionality are top priorities and the design reflects that. The rooms, furniture and fixtures are designed with the busy business traveler in mind.

The Solution

In 2018, Hotel Lundia launched Zaplox Premium, a mobile app that allows guests to book, check-in/checkout, pay, and unlock the hotel door – directly from their mobile phone. In addition, the app provided a way to communicate with the guests throughout the entire guest journey.

“We were looking for ways to streamline the guest journey and improve the communication with our guests before they arrive at the hotel,” explains Maria Paulsson Rickle, CEO at Hotel Lundia. “By creating a better connection with our guests, we would be able to provide higher-quality, more personalized service, ultimately impacting guest loyalty.”

Maria Paulsson Rickle, CEO at Hotel Lundia

Via the Zaplox’s app, which has integrations with OPERA PMS, Hotel Lundia’s booking system, guests can now check-in remotely from their phone and they receive a message when the room is ready. The hotel room doors are equipped with electronic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) locks from SALTO Systems and the doors are unlocked by activating the key code and holding the phone against the lock. At departure, guests can use the app to review the room charges, pay, and check out. The information is automatically updated in the PMS and the digital room key is deactivated.

”After a long travel day with delays and lines at the airport, many guests appreciate being able to go directly to their room instead of waiting in a line to check-in and get a plastic card,” says Maria. “Now guests can use their phones to check-in already at the airport and go straight to their room upon arrival.”

Not only does the Zaplox app streamline the process, but it also enables the hotel to connect with guests before and after their stay. For instance, Hotel Lundia can now use the app to communicate pre-arrival information and personalized offers, including room upgrades and dinner packages. Guests are also able to book their next stay directly in the app.

“With less personnel required at the front desk we have been able to relocate staff members to focus on customer service instead of spending time on transactions and administrative tasks,” continues Maria. “Via the app, we can interact with our guests and communicate relevant information and offerings at all stages of their journey. This has tremendous impact on the guest experience and our ability to retain them as future customers. The personalized offers also gives us a great opportunity to drive incremental revenue.”

Furthermore, Zaplox reduces the cost and frustration of plastic cards that don’t work or get lost. The mobile key offers an extra layer of protection since most phones are protected by a phone lock.

The Zaplox app has been fully customized with the hotel’s logo, images, and other branding.