Zaplox Mobile Guest App

A custom-branded guest app that provides everything your hotel needs to deliver a turnkey mobile guest journey with digital check-in, mobile key, checkout and payment.


Download the app and check in with your phone with no need to stop at the front desk.

The hotel sends a pre-stay message via text or email that prompts the guest to download the hotel’s app via a link, which includes information about the reservation. When the room is available, the app sends a notification and the guest can use the phone to check in with no need to stop by the front desk. The guest validates the information and accepts the terms and conditions as part of the check-in process and is also able to request a late checkout or extra amenities as well as booking other services such as a spa treatment or a round of golf.

  • Check-in notification
  • Guest registration
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions
  • Special requests such as late checkout
  • Booking of extra services

Mobile Key

Skip the lines – Unlock the door and gain access to hotel amenities with your phone.

Guests no longer have to handle physical keys or plastic key cards, but can use their own phone to unlock the hotel room door and access other hotel facilities such as the gym or conference rooms. Unlike plastic key cards that are easily misplaced or lost, the mobile key is safely stored inside the app. The mobile key works with BLE locks from the leading manufacturers.

  • The mobile key is activated after the check-in is completed
  • The door is unlocked by holding the phone against the lock
  • The key is easily shared with other guests via SMS or email

Offers & Promotions

Quickly create new offers and promotions and instantly launch them in the app to increase ancillary revenue.

The app provides an excellent way to communicate special promotions and offers to increase the guest’s spending throughout the stay. Hotel staff can quickly create new offers and instantly launch them through the app with support for in-app notifications. Offers can be time-limited and even available only during certain hours or days of the week.

  • Reach customers when they are the most receptive
  • Drive ancillary revenue
  • Use time-limited or seasonal offers such as “Happy Hour” or “Spring Specials”

Hotel Compendium

24/7 access to information about the hotel, amenities and surroundings.

Throughout the guest journey, guests can use the app to access updated information about the hotel’s amenities, special events, restaurants, and more. By providing this information digitally, the hotel can ensure that accurate information is accessible 24/7 and available even if guests are not on the hotel grounds, resulting in fewer phone calls to the front desk. Guests appreciate the convenience while the information is easier to keep up-to-date and the printing cost is reduced. 

  • Information about the hotel amenities and services
  • Restaurant menus with links to room service
  • Get to know the surroundings with tips from locals

Guest Messaging

Enable direct guest communication for quick, personalized service.

The direct messaging service allows guests to use the app to quickly get answers via chat instead of calling the front desk. Guests also like using the messaging service to schedule spa treatments, order room service, make dinner reservations and arrange for transportation. It enables members of the hotel staff to quickly respond to inquiries and service requests. Integration with several third-party communication platforms, enables hotels to add messaging to the guest app – available through the entire guest journey.

  • Schedule spa treatments
  • Order room service
  • Make dinner reservations
  • Arrange transportation

In-App Notifications

Quickly alert guests about important information regarding their stay.

In-app notifications let you communicate with an already engaged audience. Used correctly, it can help provide guests with a better experience at your hotel with timely tips and information that make the stay smoother and more engaging.

  • Check-in and checkout notifications
  • Information about special events and promotions


Convenient mobile checkout with automatic key deactivation.

On departure day, the app sends a notification when it is time to check out. If the room is prepaid, guests can checkout with a few simple clicks and the mobile key is automatically deactivated. This contactless checkout process significantly reduces the workload for the front desk during peak hours and eliminates the need for guests to wait in line in the lobby. 

  • Checkout notification
  • Folio review
  • Automatic key deactivation


Preauthorization, folio review and payment in a few simple steps directly in the app.

As part of the mobile checkout process, the guest is able to review the folio and pay for charges – directly in the app with support for leading payment platforms such as Nets, Planet, and Shift 4. The receipt can be shared by email or in a text message. In addition, Zaplox Mobile Guest App supports preauthorization as part of the check-in process. Guests appreciate the convenience of using the their phone with no need to stop at the front desk.

  • Preauthorization
  • Review folio
  • Contactless payment
  • Receipt via email or text message

Mobile Guest App with Customizable Content and Branding

Zaplox Mobile Guest App allows you to begin the storytelling and the hotel experience long before the guests arrive to your hotel. By using colors, images, and a branding that represent who you truly are – you give guests a taste of what they can expect of their stay, while also supporting the overall hotel experience by communicating a coherent brand promise. 

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