Zaplox’s Mobile Guest Journey in Five Steps

How Contact-Free Technology Can Help Hotels Reopen Safely

As hoteliers are starting to welcome guests back after being shut down during the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak, hoteliers should carefully review the various touch points throughout the guest journey and identify how contact-free technology can provide safer steps and more cost efficient profitability.

Pre Stay

Direct-bookings via the app

Returning guests, who already have the hotel’s guest app on their smartphone, can be incentivized to use the app to make future bookings, consequently contributing to more direct bookings and better profits for the hotel.

Keep guests in the loop for smooth arrival

Use the app to communicate important pre-arrival messages such as the hotel’s safety protocols, pre-screenings, and other practical details that contribute to a smoother arrival.

Upsell add-on services and special packages

Leverage the app to upsell add-on services and special packages that can be added to the reservation, contributing to the hotel’s bottom line while making the stay more enjoyable for the guest.

Arrival Day

Contact-free mobile check-in

Mobile check-in has become a “must-have” as guests demand contact-free solutions. Guests no longer have to stop at the front desk, but can use their phone to access the reservation and check-in.

Alert the guest when the room has been cleaned

Send an alert when the room has been cleaned and sanitized to avoid waiting guests in the lobby. Once a room is marked as ready, the room number immediately becomes available and is linked to a reservation.

Guest registration and special requests

During the mobile check-in process, guests are prompted to confirm their guest details and preauthorize the payment if required by the hotel. Special requests such as late checkout, online food and beverages orders, and extra amenities for the room can also be communicated.

Mobile key, no need to handle plastic key cards

The mobile key becomes available in the app as soon as the check-in is completed. Guests can skip the check-in lines and go straight to their room and unlock the door by holding the phone against the electronic door lock. The mobile key can be shared electronically with other guests of the same party.

During Stay

Resolve issues quickly via chat

Maintain the high quality, personalized service that guests expect while minimizing in person contact between staff and guests. Service requests can quickly be resolved by contacting the staff via the app’s chat function.

Dinner reservations and spa appointments

Guests can use the app to schedule spa or gym appointments and make dinner reservations. They can also use the chat to decline cleaning of the room.

Get access to other hotel facilities with the mobile key

The mobile key is used to unlock the room throughout the stay, but it can also be used to access other hotel facilities such as the gym, pool or business center.

Spend less money on printed materials

The app provides easy access to information about the hotel amenities, restaurants, and things to do in the surrounding area. By providing your hotel’s digital compendium, hotels can significantly reduce the number of calls to the front desk and lower the cost for printed materials.

Departure Day

Mobile checkout and payment

Guests no longer need to stop at the front desk to return the keys and pay when they checkout from their room. Instead, the app reminds the guest when it is time to check out and in only a few simple clicks, the guest can review charges, pay and checkout.

Concierge services and transportation

The guest can also use the app to request concierge related services and arrange for transportation.

Post Stay

Connect with guest after they leave

The mobile guest app help hotels to improve the engagement with customers and allow them to get valuable feedback via guest survey to make sure their hotel stay is top of mind for future bookings.

Promotions and direct bookings

Hoteliers can use the app to communicate special offers and customers can book their next stay directly in the app.