Zaplox AB (publ) (“Zaplox”), which offers hotels and casinos a contact-free mobile guest journey for a safe and engaging guest experience, announced that the company has signed an agreement to deploy Zaplox’s contactless kiosk solution at the Best Western Solhem Hotel and Best Western Strand Hotel with a total of 223 rooms in Visby, Sweden. According to the agreement, the two privately owned Best Western hotels will now be able to offer the convenience of contactless check-in and checkout via Zaplox Kiosk. In addition, guests will be able to use the kiosk to print their own key cards and look up information about the hotel. Zaplox Kiosk features a web-based touch interface with integration to the hotels’ property management system from VisBook and electronic locks from dormakaba.

With easy access to the Zaplox Kiosk in the hotel lobby, guests can skip the lines and manage their own check-in and checkout process. The kiosk, which has been customized and branded to align with the hotels’ brand, makes it easy for guests to print their own key cards by placing the card on an encoder next to the kiosk. After check-in, guests can go straight to their hotel room, thus avoiding close contact with the hotel staff and other guests. Not only does the Zaplox Kiosk meet the safety requirements for contactless check-in, but it also streamlines the check-in and checkout process by enabling guests to manage many of the steps themselves.

“We are proud to be able to offer the Best Western Strand Hotel and Best Western Solhem Hotel the opportunity to welcome guests in a safer and more efficient way. Zaplox’s kiosk solution enables the hotels to offer guests the benefits of a digital guest journey while reducing staffing costs and allowing staff to be reassigned to more revenue generating tasks. Today, guests expect hotels to offer smart and contactless solutions, regardless of the hotel size and destination,” says Even Frydenberg, CEO of Zaplox.

Best Western Strand Hotel

Best Western Strand Hotel is located in the heart of the World Heritage city of Visby in Sweden, surrounded by picturesque medieval buildings and cobble stone streets, only a stone’s throw from the Baltic Sea. The hotel, which is part of the international hotel chain, Best Western, offers 125 rooms and suites, a restaurant, a rooftop terrace, and a spa.

Best Western Solhem Hotel

Best Western Solhem Hotel Next to Visby’s well preserved city wall, you find the  Best Western Solhem Hotel. It is beautifully situated next to the Palisad Park, just around the corner from the Visby’s medieval city center. The hotel offers a total of 99 modern rooms in different categories, four conference rooms, and two dining rooms.


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The VisBook and Zaplox partnership dates back to 2018 and provides VisBook’s customers access to a pre-built integration of the Zaplox mobile guest journey.

Zaplox spoke with Oystein Selbekk, CEO of VisBook, one of Zaplox’s European partners and asked him some questions about the Zaplox partnership and what trends he sees in today’s hotel market.

Why is the partnership with Zaplox important to VisBook?

VisBook has many different types of customers in the hotel industry and that is why it is very important to offer a complete solution and a mobile guest journey that is integrated with VisBook PMS. Our vision is to deliver technology that helps our customers to become more efficient, enabling hotels to focus on delivering top-notch guest services.

Is there a risk that this type of technology makes the hotel industry impersonal?

Some people worry that technology will make the hotel industry impersonal, but that is not my opinion. On the contrary, I think the technology makes hotels more accessible. Instead of only interacting with hotel guests during check-in and checkout, the technology enables hotels to offer more value-added services during the guest’s entire stay. By offering mobile check-in and mobile keys, hotel staff can focus on delivering better and timely service.

What trends do you see in the hotel industry?

The hotel industry is going through a technological shift and more and more hotels choose to offer their guests mobile solutions. The plastic room keys are too expensive to manage and I am convinced that the physical key will soon disappear. Everyone has a smartphone and can quickly download an app.

It is also becoming increasingly common to pay with a smartphone instead of with a credit card. This makes the guest journey a good starting point for how hotels will communicate with their guests going forward.

What challenges is the industry facing?

One of the challenges with the new technology is that we need new standards for solutions such as the lock systems in order to be able to support all customers. At the same time, it is important that hotels invest in the new technology and start taking advantage of the positive impact on the guest experience.

How would a mobile solution impact your personal guest journey?

As a frequent traveler myself, I often arrive at the hotel late at night. After a long day, I don’t want to wait in line to check-in and get a room key. If available, I would definitely prefer using my phone to check-in and download the room key prior to arrival.

Many times, I have also encountered a locked front door with a phone number to call when arriving late. It would be much more welcoming and convenient if hotels offered mobile check-in and mobile keys to provide access to the property.

Zaplox to Present at VisBook Workshop

On October 24, VisBook will host a workshop at Oslo airport and Zaplox is invited to present the next-generation mobile guest journey and kiosk solutions. VisBook will present its new web-based booking solution, which takes VisBook PMS to the next level and the workshop will also address the “communication between guests and hotel” and that is topic where Zaplox is a good fit. Click here to register or learn more about the workshop.

More information

Visit for more information about VisBook or contact:

Magnus Friberg, CEO, Zaplox
Phone: +46 706 58 07 60


VisBook AS is a Norwegian software company that develops, sells, trains, and supports VisBook PMS, an online booking and management system with over 700 hotel customers in seven countries.


The Zaplox hospitality platform delivers the conveniences of a mobile guest journey with mobile check-in/checkout, mobile key services and direct guest communication. The mobile guest journey platform includes a software development kit that enables hotels to add Zaplox functionality to their existing hotel app, and the Zaplox mobile app is a cost-efficient way for hotels to launch their own custom-branded app. In addition, Zaplox offers a kiosk solution for self-service that helps deliver a frictionless guest journey. The Zaplox solutions streamline the front desk operation while improving guest satisfaction. Zaplox was founded in 2011 and operates globally. Zaplox is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm First North. For more information, visit

Popular boutique hotel in Vienna renews the contract with Zaplox to meet the increasing demand for mobile check-in and mobile keys and other mobile guest services.

Zaplox AB, a developer of mobile guest journey software for hotels and casinos, announced it has signed an agreement to install Zaplox Kiosk at Hotel Dronningen, a hotel with 75 rooms in Kristiansand, Norway. The hotel, owned by Team Caledonien AS, wants to offer its guests the option to use self-service check-in and checkout.

The agreement is a result of Zaplox’s partnership with VisBook AS, the company behind of one the leading property management system (PMS) in Scandinavia. Hotel Dronningen will use Zaplox Kiosk for self-service check-in and checkout, which has been seamlessly integrated with hotel’s booking system from VisBook and lock system from ASSA ABLOY.

With Zaplox Kiosk, Hotel Dronningen will now be able to offer guests the convenience of self-service check-in and checkout as well as the option to pay for the hotel stay. Guests no longer have to wait in line at the front desk, but can use the Zaplox kiosk to check-in and get their room key.

With less pressure on the front desk, Hotel Dronningen can use staff resources more cost-efficiently and redirect staff to more revenue-generating tasks with greater impact in guest convenience and profitability.

Zaplox’s partnership with VisBook provides over 700 hotels using VisBook access to Zaplox’s customer friendly self-service kiosk solution. The integration with VisBook enables hotels to easily add kiosk functionality and offer guests other convenient services. Hotel Dronningen is the first VisBook user to install the Zaplox kiosk solution.

“We look forward to provide guests at Hotel Dronningen a smoother guest experience. This first installation is relatively small, but through the partnership, we ill get access to all VisBook users, including 700 hotels with a total of 70,000 rooms and our shared goal is to sign up 10 percent of them,” says Magnus Friberg, CEO of Zaplox.

VisBook will be selling Zaplox services directly to its affiliated hotels with support from Zaplox.

“If 10 percent of the VisBook hotels sign up for Zaplox Kiosk, the total value will be approximately SEK 3.5 million in recurring, annual revenue. Over time, the shared goal is significantly higher than 10 percent of the VisBook’s customer base, but no guarantees or commitments on volumes, or how fast this can happen have been given”, says Magnus Friberg, CEO of Zaplox.

Hotel Dronningen

Hotel Dronningen is a budget hotel, with 75 rooms located in Kristiansand, Norway. The hotel is owned by Team Caledonia, which is part of the chain Team Hotels AS, which has six hotels and about 495 rooms in Norway. Hotel Dronningen is just steps away from the famous fish market and guests at the hotel are welcome to the restaurant at the nearby Radisson Hotel Caledonien.


Founded in 1995, VisBook AS is a Norwegian software company best known for its online booking and administrative system used by more than 700 hotels in seven countries. VisBook develops, manages, distributes, and provides training and support for VisBook users.